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DialogPlay  ×  Office 365

Let's get AI assistant bot closed to you

First in Japan! You can reserve conference via chat


DialogPlay is a business chatbot cloud service 

Solve the troubles with Microsoft Teams chat

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Did you have these experiences?

"I want to reserve a conference room, but it's hard to find a vacant conference room."

Integrate DialogPlay and Office 365. iYou can check Outlook schedule and reserving the conference room with  Microsoft Teams. 

"Tell me about your plans for tomorrow afternoon," "Look for a vacant meeting room," etc.

Let the chatbot do all the hassle.


DialogPlay, it's easy to customize

Office 365 integration

Providing Microsoft Office 365 integration that can be smoothly connected with.
No need to develop your own authentication function such as sign-in, data conversions, etc.
Easy to publish to Microsoft Teams.


UI customization

Display data in a list or select box which received from an external system.
Automated data conversion to a user-friendly UI


Chatbot template 

A variety of chatbot templates that you can start right away
・ Meeting room reservation bot
・ Sales activity history management bot
・ Business card order bot

* Types of templates will be added at any time.

In the various scenes

Schedule registration

Chat will tell you what you and your members are up to.You can also reserve a meeting room.

In-house FAQ

Information that is difficult to find by yourself, such as company rules, can be found and answered immediately.

Create Excel sheets

Tell the bot and it will fill in Excel on OneDrive.


Why don't you make a bot with DialogPlay?

​Easy creation in 3 steps






Just give your chatbot a name.

Solve business challenges with a pre-defined scenario for chatbot execution; and define the steps for linking to an external system.

Now, publish your chatbot as a Microsoft Teams chat.



(Office 365 integration is provided with the ADVANCE plan (150,000 yen per month))

Office 365  integration support service

Create and customize your team-optimized bot

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